BBC releases 1940s issues of the Radio Times online for the first time

The 40s saw many challenges and celebrations for the magazine, from slimming down its issues due to the rationing during World War Two to the launch of long-standing programmes including Woman’s Hour and Desert Island Discs

The old magazine issues have been made public thanks to the BBC’s Genome Project, a database of programme listings dating from 1923 to 2009. The programme has also been responsible for digitising over 4,000 issues of the Radio Times dating back as far as the 20s.

The covers from the 40s feature work by a number of notable artists and designers from the period, including surreal artist and illustrator Victor Reinganum’s Radiolympia cover from September 1949, which depicts a large futuristic BBC Studio furnished with dynamist shapes, radio masts, bustling crowds, and sonic waves.



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