BBC Sport: Cricket identity

Category: Brand Identity, Launch; Entrant: Happy Ending/BBC Creative

Technical angular graphic in bright green and blue, featuring the BBC logo at the centre

In 2023, the BBC wanted to unify its cricket content across all BBC properties, including TV, iPlayer, online, social and BBC Sounds. To do this it needed a new, versatile visual identity and design system that would work across all cricket tournaments, showcase the excitement and energy of the sport and engage a new generation of cricket fans.

Keen to connect with a younger, more diverse audience without alienating existing fans, the new branding used scoring iconography that was familiar to cricket fans but gave it a new life as a living and breathing texture.

Bright blue and green outdoor advert featuring the slogan 'see, hear, live' next to a graphic of a trophy and the brand name 'The Ashes'

This texture is key to the whole identity, reacting to footage, acting as
transitions, framing screens, as well as being used to create a new 3D cricket world for designers to play with. It is layered with vibrant colours, which not only help to bring more impact but allow the BBC to create new looks for each tournament while still retaining a consistent identity.

The ‘living guidelines’ continue to evolve and develop as the system is
used by more creatives, resulting in an expansive visual identity that can
support years’ worth of content at every touchpoint on the BBC.

Design Studio: Happy Ending
CCO: Ross Popejoy
Senior Designer: Ioan Davies
Designer: Phoebe Baker
Junior Designer: Charlotte Robertson
Agency: BBC Creative
ECD: Rasmus Smith Bech
Creative Director: Fred Rodwell
Creative Promo Director: Jo Evans
Production Coordinator: Ryan Jones
Production Traffic Manager: Michelle Papka
Marketing Manager: John Sprott