BBC Two rebrand by BBC Creative and Superunion

This project was selected for the Motion Graphics / Moving Image and Brand Identity (large organisations) categories in The Annual 2019, CR’s award scheme celebrating the best in commercial creativity

BBC Two’s first rebrand in 25 years has come at a time when terrestrial broadcasters are feeling increasingly lost amid the deluge of big-budget streaming channels like Netflix, Amazon Prime and the recently announced Apple TV Plus.

Developed by in-house agency BBC Creative and Superunion, the channel’s new identity looks to stand out from the crowd by focusing on the breadth of emotions seen in the different types of programmes it commissions, rather than traditional genres such as documentary.

The team behind the rebrand also recognised the importance of the channel’s longstanding emphasis on engaging motion graphics, although there are no fluffy numbers to be seen in this new batch so far.

A series of animations were created by studios including Aardman and The Mill, and range from paper-cut stop-motion to Op Art-style black and white stripes, with more films set to be added over time.

The thing that unites them all? The simple, elegant curve of the channel’s instantly recognisable number 2.


Agencies: BBC Creative / Superunion. Channel Controller: Patrick Holland. Channel Executive: Adam Barker. Portfolio Head of Marketing: Mark Tierney. Marketing Manager: Kerry Wilson. Head of Marketing & Audience Planning: Ami Evans. Agency: BBC Creative. Director: Justin Bairamian. Executive Creative Director: Laurent Simon. Creative Director: Susan Ayton. Head of Planning: Michael Lean. Senior Planner: Rosanagh Ker. Project Managers: Astrid Reiner, Phoebe Bibbings. Head of Production: James Wood. Producers: Georgina Meirick, Ken Rodrigues. Production Coordinators: Dan Robinson, Emma Hamilton. Head of Design: Laurence Honderick. Senior Designer: Josh Moore. Designer: Ed Linfoot. Editor: Thomas Walker. Agency: Superunion. Executive Creative Director: Stuart Radford. Creative Director: Katherina Tudball. Chief Strategy Officer: John Shaw. Designer: Erik Brattested. Strategy Director: Andi Davids. Account Director: Suzanne Neal. Music & Sound Design: Alex Baranowski. Contributors: Future Deluxe, The Mill, Conlan Normington. Kijek & Adamski, David McLeod, Helmut Breineder, Ari Weinkle, Kenneth Robin, Mainframe, Twenty Third C, Peter Tomaszewicz, Aardman.