BBH: aeg Electrolux, Integrated campaign

Prepare to cast those stereotypes aside: London is actually a far noisier city than Milan, despite all the clichés about Vespas and vocal locals. How do we know this nugget of information?

It’s because we have been to

The site was built by Amsterdam web agency Perfect Fools as part of a campaign for aeg Electrolux washing machines, in conjunction with bbh. Because the aeg machines are supposedly quieter than their rivals, the campaign compares decibel levels in five European cities: London, Berlin, Brussels, Milan and Madrid. Bill­boards in each city carry sensors which measure the current noise levels and display them on the poster. This data is then fed back to the website which displays live  results for each city. The London poster is in Shoreditch: “It’s causing quite a stir,” bbh creative director Kevin Stark tells us. “We are getting groups of revellers shouting at the poster to see how high they can raise the decibels. Likewise with kids coming out of school.” Which we guess is what they mean by interactive advertising.

Outdoor agency: BBH
Art directors: Kevin Stark, Ian Williamson
Writer: Steve Wakelam
Creative directors: Nick Kidney, Kevin Stark 
Online agency: Perfect Fools

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