BBH: Audi RS6 Gymnasts spot

In this visually stunning ad to promote the new Audi RS6, created by bbh and shot by Paul Hunter, a group of gymnasts perform choreo­graphed routines that represent different aspects of the car’s perform­ance

“Every part of the Audi rs6 has been tweaked to deliver maximum performance,” explains art director Jim Hilson.

“So in this commercial gymnasts dramatise performance from every part of the car – from the headlights, to the pistons, crankshaft, twin-turbos and v10 engine block.”

The dynamic movements of the gym­nastics are choreographed to a soundtrack created by Nick Rapaccioli and Neil Barnes (best known as Leftfield) that uses real sounds of the Audi RS6 engine.


Agency: BBH
Creatives: Jim Hilson, Toby Allen 
Post production: The Mill
Sound post production: Wave


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