Coca-Cola Co ad

The Bear creator directs new ad for the Coca-Cola Company

Set at a family gathering on game day, the ad brings the nervous energy of the hit TV show into an ad setting

Directed by Christopher Storer, who has most recently become renowned as the creator and showrunner on TV show The Bear, the ad is centred on a new boyfriend meeting his partner’s family for the first time.

Fans of The Bear will recognise Storer’s skill at weaving a story out of a complicated household setting, highlighting snatches of conversation and small comedic moments to form a larger narrative of family dynamics which while all-American (it is set on game day after all) is likely recognisable the world over. Happily, unlike in The Bear, nothing goes catastrophically wrong.

The naturalistic style of direction means that the product placement here feels a touch forced, though the ad has also got attention for being the first time the Coca-Cola Company has featured numerous different products in the same ad. Alongsite Coke, Sprite, Fanta, Smart Water, and Honest Kids juice all make appearances in the spot.

Agency: Majority
Creative Director: Nicolo Giarrano
Associate Creative Director: Jake Tannery
Art Director: Barbara Rego
Design Director: Lonnie Garner
Production Company: Smuggler
Director: Christopher Storer