Beatie Wolfe: Rethinking the album format

A new exhibition at the V&A ponders the future of the album with a look at a series of innovative projects from musician Beatie Wolfe

Beatie Wolfe has beamed an album into space and had her music woven into a silk jacket cut by Jimi Hendrix’s tailor. In 2017, she launched her record Raw Space with a live stream broadcast from inside the Nokia Bell Lab’s anechoic chamber: for 7 days, viewers could log onto YouTube and watch the album playing within the echoless room as AR visuals were generated in real time in response to the music. A collaboration with Design I/O, who created the AR animations, and Nokia Bell Lab, which has worked on projects with artists from John Cage to Robert Rauschenberg, the project was conceived as an alternative streaming experience: “The whole idea of the record was thinking, what are we currently missing [with digital streaming]? It’s the lyrics, the artwork, a feeling of ceremony – a sense of the record as a story,” Wolfe tells CR.

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Halesworth, Suffolk


Halesworth, Suffolk