Beatport unveils a new vinyl-inspired logo

Kurppa Hosk has led a brand refresh for the app and music store, introducing a new wordmark and logo inspired by the stylus on a record player

The updated identity accompanies the launch of Beatport’s new streaming app, designed to help DJs manage their online track libraries and playlists, as well as connect to the various bits of hardware and software they use.

Beatport, which was founded in 2004, offers a vast catalogue of buyable tracks as well as a chart, and several sub brands including Beatport Link – which allows DJs to build and stream playlists.

The redesign is the first brand update for Beatport since 2012, and marks a move away from the company’s headphones motif, which has been in use since the company’s founding. The new ‘endorsing marque’ symbol borrows heavily from the shapes of vinyl records and styluses, and accompanies an updated wordmark.

Beatport had previously used a slightly squashed, futuristic-looking typeface for its identity, which has been replaced with a more sedate sans serif that the studio says can be combined with various type expressions and tailored to different categories of music.

“We deliberately flirted with the present, the history and the rich visual culture that surrounds the [music] category,” says Kurppa Hosk founder Thomas Kurppa.

“The underground scene is also a strong nerve in the Beatport ecosystem. Music has always inspired graphic design – in that respect, it is a dear reunion. Given the identity’s possibilities for dynamic expression, it was extra fun to be able to maximise the number of visual excursions and demonstrate how broad the identity palette can actually be.”