Beautiful new edition of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, with illustrations by Andrea D’Aquino

This year is the 150th anniversary of the original publication of Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland, a fact you might by now be a little tired of hearing about: after all, there has already been an interactive play, a musical by Damon Albarn, and coming up is a major exhibition at the British Library. But despite this over-exposure, it’s worth sparing a moment to check out this striking new version of the classic novel, published by Rockport…

The book features illustration by Andrea D’Aquino, who does a great job of creating images that will appeal to adults and children alike, as Carroll’s text does. There are hundreds of illustrations spread throughout (see some examples of page spreads below) and D’Aquino’s work even extends onto the book edges itself, which feature famous quotes including ‘We’re all mad here’, ‘Who in the world am I? Ah, that’s the great question’, and, of course, ‘Off with her head’. All in all, a lovely reinterpretation of the classic novel.

Classics Reimagined Alice's Adventures_Page_009
Classics Reimagined Alice's Adventures_Page_031
Classics Reimagined Alice's Adventures_Page_044
Classics Reimagined Alice's Adventures_Page_106
Classics Reimagined Alice's Adventures_Page_114

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is published by Rockport, £15.99, more info is at

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