How can beauty brands stand out on social?

While social media offers beauty brands direct access to consumers, it has led to conformity, with companies adopting ever-similar styles and messages. Here, Nick Vaus, partner and founder at Free The Birds, suggests ways to break with the bland

Gone are the days when some pretty packaging and occasional print ads cut the mustard for cosmetics brands wanting to make sales. In 2021, it’s never been more important for them to stand out from the crowd. Nor has it ever been harder, when you consider the number of channels now in play, and the myriad of competitors trying to make a statement in this category.

Beauty brands have pounced on the idea of social media as the new shop window. But the echo chamber of Instagram is causing brands to shoot themselves in the foot by encouraging the creation of a new, homogenous aesthetic – the total opposite of what they want to achieve. It’s a Catch-22, as most brands today need social media in order to be seen – so how can they engage consumers on crowded digital platforms and overcome these barriers?