Beck trails new single on Instagram before releasing lyric video for Wow

The musician is the latest to get playful with social media in the run up to a new release.

For the past day, Beck has been posting clips on his website and Instagram feed by various artists and creators from the Instagram community. The films vary widely – in one @breadfaceblog rubs her face furiously in, yes, a loaf of bread, while @slimesunday has produced an elegant, multi-coloured CGI figure whose scalp slowly rises up as the film progresses. What unites them is the music, which all comes from Beck’s new single Wow, plus a general enthusiasm for being part of the project, expressed by the makers in the texts accompanying their films.

Beck’s use of social media to promote a new single follows hot on the heels of Radiohead, who recently turned off all its social media channels in the run up to releasing Burn The Witch from the band’s new album. The blackout did a great job for raising anticipation for the release, and Beck has similarly gotten the attention of fans with his Instagram antics.

And just now, he’s released this handsome lyric video for Wow, directed by Jimmy Turrell:

Still from Beck's Instagram
Still from Beck’s Instagram
Still from Beck's Instagram
Still from Beck’s Instagram
Still from Beck's Instagram
Still from Beck’s Instagram

The single, which apparently Beck chose for release after his kids and their friends went mad for it, comes out ahead of Beck’s forthcoming gigs at various venues across the UK. All the Instagram videos can be viewed at or on Beck’s Instagram feed @Beck.

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