Becoming a B Corp

B Corporations balance business with profit and have a legal obligation to consider how their practices affect those who work with them and the environment. But how do you become one? Danny Miller, co-founder of design agency Human After All, talks us through the process

Human After All has spent the past seven years exploring complex questions around global capitalism and its impact on the environment, both with our clients and through our publication, Weapons of Reason. This work has directed us to the truths of the world in which we operate: the planet has finite resources, and bad business practices are putting it at risk.

As a business, we feel bound to change every aspect of our operations to address this information and acknowledge the current state of the world. And, ultimately, it was this drive that inspired us to become a B Corp.

We took our first steps towards this goal some 18 months ago, finally gaining accreditation in March this year. It was a long journey, requiring us to re-examine almost every aspect of our business, but it taught us a lot about our impact on people and the wider world – and, more importantly, what we can do better.