Ben the Illustrator on why he doesn’t believe in creative block

Here Ben the Illustrator discusses creative block, and why he thinks believing in the possibility of block is counterproductive to your creative output

Artwork by Ben the Illustrator

I don’t believe in creative block.

I don’t think I ever have. It’s such a relief to say it to be honest. It gets talked about so much, like it somehow joins us all together, something we all have to put up with together, like delayed trains and shitty governments.I’ve contributed to those articles too that are supposed to help… ‘Twenty top tips from professionals! How to combat creative block!’ and we all suggest going for a walk to clear the block or creating something for fun until you suddenly get an idea and you’ve cured the block, for now. I’m sorry, I joined in those articles because it’s nice to feel part of a big community that supports each other. I do believe that going for walks and creating something different will help you, in many ways, but I always figured it might offend someone if I started saying that I don’t actually believe in that problem they suffer with, the infamous Creative Block™.


Milton Keynes