Best of Feed: Feb 2015

Our latest round-up of projects uploaded to CR’s Feed section includes some beautiful packaging, a scratch-off fruit machine gig poster and a project to restore some valued hospital equipment

Our latest round-up of projects uploaded to CR’s Feed section includes some beautiful packaging, a scratch-off fruit machine gig poster and a project to restore some valued hospital equipment



The poster was created for a recent Jack White show in Las Vegas by Matthew Jacobson and Shelby Rodeffer, who are both part of the design team at agency DigitasLBi’s office in Chicago, and was printed by Kyle Baker at Baker Prints, also in Chicago. Each silkscreened poster was hand-stamped with a unique combination of symbols hidden under an opaque layer of scratch-off ink. A handful were winning combinations that netted the owner prizes on top of the poster they have just purchased. More here


Packaging now and this beautiful project for Chinese water brand Nongfu by Horse. Produced for high-end restaurants, bars and hotels, the bottles feature eight different plant and animal species from Moya Spring, at the foot of Changbai Mountain – the volcanic region bordering China and North Korea that produces the water.

The screen-printed design pays homage to the source by depicting indigenous species, including the Siberian Tiger and Chinese Merganser, and is accompanied by Chinese copy that reveals facts about the region. More here


It’s not easy to work on as mainstream and large-scale a project as Heineken’s sponsorship of the Champions League. Bulletproof’s packaging and a visual identity system is admirably clean and impactful. More here



High-end whisky now – William Grant’s Ghosted Reserves range by threebrand.“The typography used was clean and reminiscent of the era in which the distilleries, from where the whisky was sourced, were operating. The secondary packaging provided a tactile casing for the bottle, with a ribbon pull that gave way to a deep-set drawer and hand-applied labels.” More here

Onto branding – Co-operative Pharmacy, the UK’s third-largest pharmacy chain with 780 stores and more than 7,000 employees, has relaunched as Well, with a new identity by healthcare advertising agency Langland. The new name reflects a shift in people’s attitudes to health, from passively accepting treatment, towards taking a more active role in personal wellness, the studio says. More here


Kozmic Sound is an audio production studio in Canada. They needed a powerful new logo for their re-launch. The solution, say studio Rethink, was to flip the iconic audio symbol on its head, transforming it into a spaceship. More here


Finally, a project by Artfelt for The Children’s Hospital in Sheffield.


When the hospital found its set of 1970s toys – used for decades to test hearing in children – had became damaged and unfit for purpose, staff thought they could easily replace them with a new set. But after discovering the maker, Escor Toys, had gone out of business in 2012, Cat Powell, from Artfelt – The Children’s Hospital Charity’s arts programme, set about restoring the mini figures to bring them back into use.


Cat sourced artists from across the UK to get involved in the project by painting a selection of the 250 figures and creating unique designs, depicting everything from superheroes and animals, to women from around the world and characters from popular culture. More here


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