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Yes, we know it’s old but it’s still genius

Yes, we know it’s old but it’s still genius

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The (No Graphic) Design Issue

Here we go again. Today’s Observer Magazine proudly proclaims itself to be “The Design Issue” and yet, with wearisome predictability, we search its glossy pages in vain for any acknowledgement that design can, just sometimes, be about the organisation and dissemination of information and ideas. Unless, of course, those ideas are rendered in ruinously expensive polycarbonate.

Graphic design’s invisibility in the British national press long ago ceased to be a surprise. Now it’s just downright rude.

Yo! Where My WASPS At?

Straight outta Cape Cod and keepin’ it real is Prep Unit, a trio of New England gangsters, or “prepsters”, whose video Tea Partay has been notching up a massive amount of hits since its recent online release. BBH New York are behind this well-produced viral for Smirnoff’s Raw Tea which essentially takes all the clichés of blinged-up gangster rap at its finest and adorns them in pastel knitwear and boat shoes.

BA flies with Google Earth

Faced with coming up with a stand-out campaign for British Airways’ latest “World Offers” sale, BBH in London has hit on a ingenious solution: to do a tie-up between the airline and Google, whose account is also held by the agency.

A Day at Studio Tonne

Brighton’s Studio Tonne have just released another gem of interactivity entitled A Day at the Studio.
We’re not quite sure if it offers the most accurate picture of life down at Paul Farrington’s studio (surely they can’t spend all day hitting each other, eating wasabi or chewing on tin foil) but as the latest installment in Farrington’s range of Sound Toys, A Day… is an addictive little game where you can sequence your own sound compositions via a fruit-machine like interface. To make different sounds appear you have to select an Endurance! style challenge for each designer. Go on, make him eat the lemon again!

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