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AKQA’s Star Player app for Heineken adds a fun layer of gaming to the experience of watching Champions League football matches on television


The Heineken Star Player app is linked to the UEFA Champions League and allows players to predict what will happen during key moments in the matches in order to score points.

The app works in real-time, with players given the chance to forecast the outcome of corners, free kicks and penalties while the game takes place. They are invited to choose from a number of options, with different points awarded depending on the likelihood of the outcome (the more unlikely, the more points received). Players are also given the chance to show off their skills at anticipating when a goal will take place: they start the game with eight chances to predict when there will be a goal within the next 30 seconds, and receive points on a sliding scale depending on how early the goal is anticipated.

To add to the sense of competition, players can form leagues with their friends or colleagues, and share their scores online via social media sites. They are also awarded badges for successfully predicting the events of a game. Since its launch in 2011, a new updated version has been released which can be played in eight different languages.

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