Illustrator Beya on keeping the audience guessing

The illustrator talks about her love of joyful imagery and hiding surprise details in her work, plus why she has chosen to specialise in editorial commissions

Bangkok-based artist Beya wants to create images that are “lively and full of positive energy”. “Typically I prefer to use bright and vivid colours in my artwork, but the specific colours I use depend on my emotions and feelings while working on each project,” she tells CR. “For certain pieces, pastel colours better suit the overall concept and allow me to shift my mood accordingly.” 

Rather than ascribing to a certain style Beya likes to draw upon different elements to create her works. Food is a big presence with Mondrian-inspired breakfast scenes, toppling towers of ice cream bowls, and a juicer-fire hydrant hybrid all featuring in her portfolio. “I’m a food lover,” she says. “When I illustrate my favourite stuff, it makes me feel joy and I become immersed in it. When I think about the meals I have to eat for the day, it’s my little happiness in life.”

Beya illustration
Untitled. All images: Beya