Big C Charters Brand Identity

Mucho’s visual identity for charter service Big C Charters stands out in a sector not known for its design and creativity. It is a Winner in the Brand Identity Rebrand category, and an Honourable Mention in Typography

Big C Charters is a charter service in the San Francisco Bay Area offering hands-on fishing trips and boat excursions. Founded by former professional basketball player Christian Cavanaugh, Big C gets its name from the big man himself, and his local reputation for supposedly landing the biggest catches.

While the fishing industry isn’t well known for placing an emphasis on design and creativity, Mucho’s San Francisco team was commissioned to give the charter company a new look that would appeal to its expanding business and audience. In particular, they had a younger, more design-savvy generation of fishing enthusiasts in mind.

The company’s name presented the perfect opportunity to create an iconic logo – an unforgettably tall, hooked ‘C’. This was then developed into a bespoke typeface, Big C Sans, which is used in unexpected ways across the website, on crew jackets, packaging, and printed collateral. The colours used across the identity draw on eye-popping combinations of yellow and black, and secondary palettes of red, teal, orange and pink.

The wider brand collateral is full of personality too, including quirky paper clips and earrings made by local jewellery maker Cali Clay. Most importantly, as Mucho notes about the new branding, “it doesn’t include an image of a fish jumping over the Golden Gate Bridge.”

The rebrand has helped bring about the best year for Big C Charters to date, increasing its customer base and introducing fishing to the tech and startup business community around the Bay Area.

Big C Charters
Winner: Brand Identity_Rebrand
Honourable Mention: Typography
Entrant: Mucho
Design Studio: Mucho

Creative Director: Rob Duncan
Design Director: Lyam Bewry
Senior Designer: Cindy Zheng
Designers: Hiuman Ng, Paul Dongsik Jeon
Typography: Lyam Bewry
Copywriting: David Begler
Photography: Lyam Bewry
Project Management: Vickie Wu