CR Is Going Bimonthly

After the May issue Creative Review will be published on a bimonthly basis. This will enable us to provide much richer content, greater depth and even better quality in an issue covering two months, instead of the smaller monthly issue.

Why has the frequency changed?

We’re continually striving to raise the bar and provide even better content for our readers. Print will always be central to CR but its role is changing. In fact, readers like you have told us that they do not have time to read an issue every month, and want greater depth and greater quality from print.

Producing bi-monthly issues means are able to provide you with richer content, greater depth and even better quality than we could achieve as a monthly.

A print magazine offers a different experience from the screen – the chance to enjoy a deeper, more luxurious experience. So we are making a radical change to the magazine and at the same time, giving our subscribers more for their money.

When will the frequency change?

Our May 2017 issue will be the last monthly issue of Creative Review in print. From that point onward, Creative Review will be bi-monthly, which means the next edition after this will be the combined July/August issue. You’ll receive this at the end of June.

When will I get my issues now?

You will now receive the following issues:

Issue  Date
May/June Apr 26
Jul/Aug Jun 14
Sep/Oct Aug 23
Nov/Dec Oct 18
Jan/Feb Dec 22
Mar/Apr Feb 21

Does the frequency change mean I am getting less for my money?

No. In fact you will be getting more. Each issue of CR will be at least 156 pages of beautifully crafted, intelligently curated content.

This means that over six issues, you’ll be getting 1000+ pages of useful, inspirational content. So even with the frequency change, we’re confident you’ll be getting more content in print than ever.

Will I still get the Annual and the Photography Annual?

Yes. Your May and November issues of Creative Review will be special bumper issues, which comprise the Annuals.

How do I renew?

Renewing is quick and easy and ensures you never miss an issue. Renew here or call us on +44 (0)20 7292 3703 quoting offer code CRBIMON

For any questions not answered here, please call +44 (0)20 7292 3703 or email