Binary Prints by Alex Trochut

An inventive printing technique enabled ‘day’ and ‘night’ portraits of musicians to appear on a single poster

As a series of double portraits of famous names in electronic music, each of Alex Trochut’s Binary Prints managed to convey two artistic impressions of the same DJ within a single artwork; one visible in the day, the other at night. The idea was that just as the musicians ‘came alive’ at night-time, so their nocturnal persona was reflected within the print.

Trochut had explored this dual technique before on the cover of his 2011 monograph, More is More, whereby he was able to place two separate images onto a single surface: one of which could be seen in the light, the other in darkness.

To create the Binary Print artworks Trochut screenprinted two images using black and phosphorescent inks onto a single sheet in a chessboard-like grid of small squares. In the ‘day’ version each of the musicians is shown with their eyes closed; viewed at night, they are awakened and surrounded by swirls of psychedelic patterns.

The musicians, photographed by Chris Rubino and Marc Ambros at various events in Spain, Germany and the US, included Four Tet, James Murphy, Caribou and Acid Pauli, and were launched at the Sónar Music Festival in Barcelona where all of the artists have previously performed.

“These nocturnal portraits ‘wake up’ in the dark, just as the DJs ‘come alive’ at night, as do audiences under the spell of their music,” says Trochut. “Anyone who has been present at those transcendental moments of communion at a show can attest to the experience as an awakening – a nighttime rebirth of mind and body.”

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