New ad taps into FOMO to discourage binge drinking

The humorous campaign film directed by Tore Frandsen shows what you might miss out on if you’ve drunk too much

Research shows that 40% of 15-16 year-olds in Denmark have been drunk in the last month – a far higher percentage compared to the European average of 13%.

To highlight the consequences of excessive drinking, the Danish Cancer Society and TrygFonden, a foundation that deals with health and welfare, have launched a campaign geared towards this younger portion of the population.

Directed by Tore Frandsen at New Land, the campaign film uses humour to relay what’s at stake when binge drinking is involved. Most drink awareness campaigns emphasise the obvious risks, but rather than dwell on health and safety issues, or trauma and tragedy, the ad focuses on another consequence that perhaps feels more tangible for young people: FOMO, or fear of missing out.

The campaign film follows a man who is haunted by FOMO throughout his life after overdoing it one night. It’s an unconventional approach that cleverly avoids lecturing or talking down to young people, and doubles as something genuinely entertaining to watch on its own.

Agency: Robert/Boisen & Like-minded
Creatives: Klara Vilshammer, Christoffer Fejerskov Boas
Head of Strategy: Alexander Faxø
Creative Director: Heinrich Vejlgaard
Junior Creatives: Gustav Rørbech, Robin Hvilsom
Production Company: New Land, Gobsmack Productions
Director: Tore Frandsen