Biological curiosities

Featuring work by illustrators Jennie Webber, Polly Alizarin Harvey and Rebecca Hiscocks, a new London exhibition entitled Specimen looks to explore the freakier side of biology through prints, collage, illustrations, installations and even specially designed wallpaper…

Currently running at The Dead Dolls Club in London until November 27, Specimen is an exhibition by Jennie Webber, Polly Alizarin Harvey and Rebecca Hiscocks which looks to explore the freakier side of biology through prints, collage, illustrations, installations and even specially designed wallpaper…

The three exhibitors, who are all currently studying for an MA in Illustration at London’s Camberwell College of Arts, are members of the Curio collective, and this is their second group show. “Our work sits together well as our combined interests span science, medical history, anatomy, and nature’s errors,” explains Webber, whose own work is inspired by genetic mutations, rare conditions, deformities and biological experiments. “The imagery [in the show] is bizarre, weird, freaky, and some verges on macabre,” she adds.

Basin, by Jennie Webber

Bouquet, also by Webber

Outbreak by Polly Alizarin Harvey

Above and below – Rebecca Hiscocks’ works in the show are based on the anatomical etchings of William Cheselden (1788-1752), a member of the London Company of Barber-Surgeons, and stories relating to London’s St Barts and St Thomas’ hospitals from that period

Specimen runs until November 27 at The Dead Dolls Club, 145 Well Street, London, E9 7LJ



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