Biozeroc’s bold branding highlights zero-carbon ethos

How&How has created a contemporary identity for the startup, which is making a more environmentally friendly alternative to concrete

London-based design agency How&How has created the branding for Biozeroc, a British biomaterials science company that is looking to revolutionise the world’s most used construction materials.

Concrete, the most ubiquitous of these, is the second most consumed material on the planet, second only to water, and is responsible for 8% of global emissions. In fact, if concrete was a country, it would be the third biggest polluter, behind China and the US.

As such, concrete is the priority for Biozeroc, which has developed a natural, zero-carbon alternative that they hope will shake up the construction industry, and which marks the start of their efforts to improve upon many of the materials used in projects around the world.

The main problem is that proposing new building materials means convincing both large-scale and small-scale companies to choose these over traditional ones, which are seen as accessible and reliable.

How&How knew Biozeroc needed to be branded in a way that presented its products not as overly experimental and unscalable, but as the literal building blocks of a better future. The identity had to feel progressive, exciting, and enticing, inspiring trust in potential clients.

“Biozeroc needed a brand that represents more than just concrete; one that speaks to the sheer ambition of reinventing the world’s most overused and abused building materials. This line of thinking brought us to our brand idea: House of Hard Things,” the agency said.

The House of Hard Things encapsulates all of the company’s current offerings, and positions them as the “go-to team for all things bricks, panels, blocks and more”. Through a balanced colour palette of bold hues and earthy tones, Biozeroc is shown as both future-facing and reliable. The brand’s logo resembles a concrete block, with the holes mirrored in the counters of the letter ‘B’.

Simple yet effective motion design also showcases the products, revealing the beautiful shapes and textures of Biozeroc’s ‘bioconcrete’ and the various finishes that can be applied to it, including Polished Stone, Amber, and Schist.

The agency also developed a strong tone of voice for the brand, which leans into the construction category while having playful double meanings.