Björk Biophilia: The Ultimate Edition

Music-loving folk with cash to burn could consider spending £500 on the Ultimate Edition of Björk’s new album, Biophilia – a made-only-to-order edition that comes in a beautifully made lacquered and silkscreened oak hinged-lid box…

As the world’s stock markets look ready to self-combust (causing a global economic meltdown which may see the recession deepen yet further), music-loving folk with cash to burn can consider spending £500 on the Ultimate Edition of Björk’s new album, Biophilia – a made-only-to-order edition that comes in a beautifully made lacquered and silkscreened oak hinged-lid box…

The box, approximately 260 x 204 x 48 mm contains the Biophilia Manual, along with ten chrome-plated tuning forks, each of which is silkscreened on one face in one of ten different colors, and stamped at the back – presented in a flocked tray. Each fork is adjusted to the tone of one of the tracks from Biophiia, and the set covers a complete octave in a non-conventional scale:

Moon: E (329.6 Hz)
Thunderbolt: B (246.9 Hz)
Crystalline: G (392 Hz)
Cosmogony: F# (370 Hz)
Dark Matter: Silent fork
Hollow: C (261.6 Hz)
Virus: C# (277.2 Hz)
Sacrifice: A (440 Hz)
Mutual Core: Eb (311.1 Hz)
Solstice: A (220 Hz)

As well as these fetching tuning forks, Biophilia, The Ultimate Edition also contains The Biophilia Manual – a 48 page hardbound, cloth-covered, thread-sewn book, with a lenticular panel tipped on to the front cover (spreads shown, above). It can be removed from the case by means of a ribbon pull. The box also contains two audio CDs including the Biophila album plus additional exclusive recordings. The discs are housed in uncoated black board wallets with foilblocked covers and spines.

As mentioned, this edition will only be made to order – and orders must be placed by August 12. The box sets will be released and posted out towards the end of September.Available exclusively from and also

Credits: Design and drawings by M/M (Paris). Photography by Inez van Lamsweerde & Vinoodh Matadin and M/M (Paris). Daniel Mason was the production consultant on this box set – and the manufacturing of it will be overseen by Something Else.

NB: Photography shown here (by Will Thom) is of a prototype. We’ve been asked to mention that they might not be wholly accurate to the finished edition.

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