Björk morphs into a digital mask for her Losss video

Artist Tobias Gremmler made the digitally generated film, which the musician says is based on “conversations between our inner optimist and pessimist”

It’s the second film Gremmler has made for Björk – he was also behind Tabula Rasa – and shows Björk transforming into a series of weird masks as she sings.

Although the visuals are digitally generated, there’s recognisable elements such as petals and feathers, all of which appear to be growing out of the musician’s face.

Björk writes that the film was originally made for the multiple screens of her Cornucopia tour, and that it’s based on “the conversations between our inner optimist and pessimist”.

“When I recorded this I tried to sing in a deeper tone for one of them in the left speaker and a higher optimist in the right,” she adds. “And if you listen on headphones it will match the imagery.”

The film continues Björk’s fascination with the possibilities of digitally generated imagery, which she’s fully embraced in latter years through her work with artists including Jesse Kanda and Andrew Thomas Huang.

Björk will be performing the song live later this year as part of her Cornucopia tour, which has several dates in Mexico as well as various cities in Europe.