Björk: Sonic Symbolism podcast

Category: Music – Brand Partnership; Entrant: Mailchimp

Mailchimp explored the “shared spirit between artists and entrepreneurs” for its Sonic Symbolism podcast, which was dedicated to the work and creative philosophy of Björk. The audio series used each of its ten episodes to take a closer look at a Björk album, and the mix of “impulse, instinct and intention” behind it – all with the hope of encouraging Mailchimp customers to pursue their own big ideas.

Episodes ran for around 45 minutes each and featured Björk discussing personal experiences – for example, walking to school in Iceland in blizzards and singing to keep her spirits up – as well as chatting to collaborators and sharing her thoughts on each of her first nine albums, plus what was happening in her life as she made them.

The podcast is described by Mailchimp as “just the thing to inspire a new generation of small business owners”.

Björk: Sonic Symbolism
Category: Music-Brand Partnership
Entrant: Mailchimp
Mailchimp’s In-House Creative Team: Wink
Collaborator: Talkhouse