Black and Gold: Kontrapunkt’s minimal packaging for Carlsberg

Danish design agency Kontrapunkt’s minimal cans for Carlsberg Black Gold Pilsner are designed to look as if they have been “dipped in black”. Cans feature a two-colour design and a matt black top and ring pull.

Black Gold has a slightly higher alcohol percentage and a more “intense” flavour than regular Carlsberg. Kontrapunkt says the design pays homage to “historic Black Gold bottles” and reflects “the bold and more full-bodied Pilsner experience”.

Cans went on sale in Denmark at the end of June. The beer was previously packaged in black and silver cans with a white word mark and a red crown. Kontrapunkt stripped out unnecessary details and replaced silver with gold to create a more streamlined design. The Carlsberg logo has been rotated 90 degrees and a hop leaf shape cut out of the ring pull.

The design is similar to Kontrapunkt’s green and silver cans for Carlsberg – which rolled out in Germany last year: 

The new design aims to create a visual connection with the brand name and help the beer stand out amongst cans with regular aluminium tops or more intricate designs.

Carlsberg is one of several food and drink brands to simplify its packaging of late – Coca-Cola, Budweiser, McDonald’s and Domino’s have all introduced stripped-back designs in the past 18 months.