Blown book, Christopher Griffith

Regular CR readers will remember Christopher Griffith’s beautiful, stark photography from our June 2000 issue

His new book, Blown, features the remains of burst tyres, which Griffith has been collecting for the past six years.

The book, designed by Rebecca O’Donnell, is the first to be published by Auditorium Editions, an imprint set up by Griffith, O’Donnell and two other photo­graphers, Christian Weber and Jake Chessum. With an initial run of 2000 copies, it has a large format (34×42cm) and comes in a slipcase. Titles from Weber and Chessum will follow in the autumn.


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Iron Fists: Branding the 20th c. Totalitarian State

“Glory to the great October!” A Russian poster commemorating the 1917 Revolution,
from Steven Heller’s new book, Iron Fists: Branding the 20th-Century Totalitarian State
In Iron Fists, an illustrated survey of totalitarian visual propaganda, Steven Heller offers an insight into the visual representations of Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy and Communist USSR and China writes Katya Kan. Heller’s argument centres around the idea that totalitarian imagery is based on the potential of brand devotion. “Like any corporate identity campaign,” he writes, “the totalitarian regime demands the brand loyalty of its subjects.”
In his new book, Heller discusses how posters, magazines and advertisements were used within the visual systems of these dictatorships, alongside more formalistic elements such as typefaces and colour palettes…

Paloma & Nick

Just a few months into a placement at M&C Saatchi, Paloma Reed and Nick O’Brien were working with director Tony Kaye on their first TV spot. Talk about in at the deep end….

Barnbrook Asks Designers To Remember Tibet

As the Beijing Olympics opening ceremony gets under way, designers Jonathan Barnbrook and Pedro Inoue are urging the creative community to make its voice heard at website Remember Tibet. But do such projects ever achieve anything other than to make the contributors feel better about themselves? CR asked Barnbrook about his aims for the site…

Nice Work

Adidas Olympics campaign by 180 Amsterdam. Creatives: Dean Maryon, Paulo Martins, Carlos Furnari. Photographer: Gus Powell
As the September issue of Creative Review is a student work special, featuring our favourites from this year’s crop of graduates, we were unable to put our usual amount of great new work in the magazine. Instead, we will be putting up posts of new work regularly online over the next few weeks. Here is the first, featuring some of the best advertising that has passed through CR Towers lately. First up, in honour of the Olympics, here is some print work from 180 Amsterdam for Adidas.

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