Spotify In-House: Bon Iver’s Viisualiizer

Honourable Mention: Digital, Websites

When Grammy Award-winning artist Bon Iver released his new album – i,i, – he asked Spotify to help support it by creating an immersive online experience to showcase the music in visual form. Spotify took cues from Bon Iver’s cryptic communication style on social media to create a stripped-back, ‘no design’ aesthetic for the digital experience, which used data to show how the album was being listened to around the world each day.

Among the statistics featured were the number of fans streaming the songs via Spotify and the country with the most streams.

The team also created a purpose-built engine that allowed them to take any image, text or video and instantly transform it into i’s, before then sharing it on Viisualiizer.

Design: Spotify In-House
VP, Global Executive Creative Director: Alex Bodman
VP, Global Brand: Alex Tanguay
Head of Global Brand Team: Lauren Solomon
Group Creative Director: Cameron Farrelly
Global Brand Manager: Angela Gonzalez
Associate Creative Directors: Tal Midyan, Kathryn Kvas
Producer: Gabby Kreutter
Business Affairs Lead: Lauren King
Global Head of Artist & Label Marketing: Marian Dicus
Head of Content Marketing: Linnea Himenez
Head of North America, Artist & Label Marketing: Rosa Asciolla
Director, Head of Music Marketing: Amanda Butler
Lead, Artist & Label Marketing: Sam Berger
Manager, Artist & Label Marketing: David Ecker
Associate Music Marketing Manager: Rachel Ring
Consumer PR: Dominique Dorais
Manager, PR & Communications: Tamika Young
Head of Social Media and Marketing Content Strategy: Daniel Montalto
Social Media Manager: Greg Edwards
Content Media Manager: Kaitlin Longworth
Manager, Content Promotion: Kara Goldsmith
Coordinator, Content Promotion: Melisa Wu
Data Scientist: Lucas Corley
Senior Legal Counsel: Sarah Henderson
Legal Counsel: Ali Zeren
Rights Clearance Associate: Lauren Goldstein
Active Theory:
Managing Director: Nick Mountford
Interactive Director: Michael Anthony
Creative Director: Andy Thelander
Technical Director: Mike Chang
Executive Producer: Annie Chen
Producer: Eric Shumny
Technical Lead AMS: Vicente Lucendo
Interactive Developer: Patrick Heng
Frontend Developer: Alex Bergin
Lead Motion Designer: Nick Sampson
Lead Designer: Dave Benham
Lead Account Planner: Adam Cohen
Account Planner: Alex Glaum
Senior Account Executive: Adam Snyder
Account Executive: Blayke Gladstone
Manager, Paid Social: Kirk Stanovich
Social Media Director: Matthew Heinrichs
VP, Group Partner: Kate McAllister
Media Director: Jacqueline Elliot
Secretly Group:
Head of Jagjaguwar & Co-founder of Secretly Group: Darius Van Arman
Head of Marketing & Co-founder of Secretly Group: Phil Waldorf
Creative Director: Robby Morris
Marketing Director: Hannah Carlen
Marketing Coordinator: Emily Puterbaugh
Administrative Assistant: Elise Barbin
Founder, Middle West Management: Kyle Frenette
Bon Iver Management: Josh Sundquist, Molly Beahen
i,i Creative Director: Eric Timothy Carlson