From Hacienda to Cream: documenting the visual culture of UK clubs

A new book by designer Rick Banks charts the history of graphic design for UK nightclubs, with four decades of flyers and posters for iconic venues. We talk to Banks about the book and the evolution of club graphics

In 1982, a yacht builder’s warehouse in Manchester was transformed into the Hacienda: a now-legendary venue that had a profound impact on the UK’s music and club scene.

Before the 1980s UK nightclubs rarely invested in design. Most were confined to dingy basements with mirrorballs and lights the only form of decoration. But Hacienda was different. Architect Ben Kelly transformed the industrial space into a super club with a factory aesthetic. It had diagonal stripes and bollards on the dance floor, neon signs on the walls and a cocktail bar in the basement. 


Milton Keynes