A new booklet explores a decade of design by Christopher Doyle & Co

49 Posters by Christopher Doyle & Co features ten years of “curious and beautiful” projects by the Sydney-based studio, focusing particularly on its wealth of work for the cultural sphere

It’s a slim volume – running to just 64 pages – but one that emphasises Christopher Doyle & Co’s deft design approach, particularly when it comes to mixing type and photography. Posters for bands such as The Jezabels and Chet Faker appear alongside work made for galleries and theatres.

“The studio is loved for having fun with words and names, and most of the language-play found in their posters is borne out of the development of client identities,” writes Mark Gowing in the booklet’s introduction. “Often irreverent, always intelligent, the studio has a habit of distilling communication in curious and beautiful ways. They deconstruct and reconstruct language to poke fun, create poetry and trick you into remembering.”

Highlights include the studio’s Hamlet campaign, created for Bell Shakespeare and featuring an impressively elegant skull, a symbol-heavy Spotify poster, and a pleasingly stark campaign for photographer Amanda Thorson.

The book also includes the original manifesto the studio launched with, which, as Gowing claims in the intro, has been “ripped off by half the design industry”.

49 Posters by Christopher Doyle & Co is published by Formist Editions, priced $42AUD; formisteditions.com