Boots puts on its magic specs for this year’s Christmas ad

The campaign, created by the Pharm, features a pair of special, X-ray-style glasses that unveil the secret Christmas glitz hiding behind everyday life

This year, the pharmacy and beauty store has opted for a ruthlessly upbeat approach to the festive season, with a film starring It’s A Sin actor Lydia West. On an otherwise totally normal bus journey, she discovers a pair of gold-rimmed specs that hide a big secret: they bring out the Christmas spirit in everything and everyone.

Once the glasses are donned, fellow passengers are suddenly bedecked in sequins and Christmas jumpers, and taxi journeys become trips in stretch limos. But it’s not just about the festive glitz; the specs are actually revealing everyone’s inner desires, so our main character can go and buy the perfect present (from Boots, of course).

The ad closes on a successful Christmas morning, with everyone receiving the hairdryer/customised pet cushion/bubble bath they had been dreaming of. There’s also a big hint about who the eyewear really belonged to the whole time, if the SC monogram at the start of the ad didn’t tip you off.

The campaign is accompanied by some additional digital elements, including an AR filter that promises to help people find the perfect gift, as well as a TikTok cut that lets viewers choose which film they want to watch based on who they’re buying for.

Agency: The Pharm
Chief Creative Officer, VMLY&R: Laurent Simon
Executive Creative Director: Sara Rose
Creative Director: Lee Hanson and Mark Prime
Production: Academy
Directors: Si&Ad
Post Production: Final Cut
VFX & Grade: Electric Theatre Collective