Boys: exploring the face of masculinity

As Rosie Matheson’s ongoing photo series goes on display in London, she talks about making the leap from photography to film, and what it’s like to shoot men through the female gaze

Boys began life as a way for documentary photographer Rosie Matheson to hone her craft. Based between London and Brighton in 2015, she started taking portraits of young men – some of whom were her friends, some who weren’t. Since then, the part-time project has grown into a fully-fledged photo series that documents the softer side of the male persona all over the world.

Now, Matheson is preparing to put on a solo show in East London featuring images from the series so far, along with an accompanying screening of her first documentary short film on the same subject. Here, she discusses the pressure to make other women look ‘hot’, and why being a woman makes it easier to capture her male subjects’ sensitive sides.


London Bridge