BPA Toe Jam video

Brighton Port Authority is Norman Cook’s latest venture, which launches with the infectious single, Toe Jam, featuring vocals from David Byrne and Dizzee Rascal

Keith Schofield has directed this cheeky video for the song, which is set in a 70s-style swingers party. As the track kicks in, the guests get naked, but thick black censorship lines immediately appear on screen, protecting everyone’s modesty.

Schofield then puts these to amusing use, with the partygoers performing various physical tricks in order to allow the lines to spell out the name of the song, create a smiley face, and even have a game of Pong. In keeping with tradition, Norman Cook also makes a brief appearance, sans clothing.

Record label: Southern Fried
Commissioner: CjJHassay & John Hassay, New Selecta.
Production co: Streetgang
Director: Keith Schofield


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Great New Videos

Toejam video for Brighton Port Authority, production company: Streetgang. Director: Keith Schofield
Here’s a selection of brilliant new music videos for your viewing pleasure. First up is the video for the first single from Norman Cook’s new venture, Brighton Port Authority, which features guest vocals from David Byrne and Dizzee Rascal. Directed by Keith Schofield (who also directed the excellent promo for Supergrass track Bad Blood), the cheeky video shows how you can put censorship bars to good use. Quicktime here.

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