Meet the brand putting an adult spin on cereal

Pentagram’s Astrid Stavro has created the identity for OffLimits – an all-day adult cereal brand with zombie and rabbit mascots designed by Shepard Fairey’s studio

It’s aimed at breakfast food lovers in search of a more mature take on cereal, and as such includes the kind of flavours you’re not likely to see on your box of morning cornflakes. The coffee and cocoa-flavoured Dash is designed to give a jolt of energy while the vanilla and pandan Zombie, as the name suggests, is for more relaxed days.

The brand was set up by writer Emily Elyse Miller, who briefed Stavro to create packaging and branding that would be energetic and high-spirited.

Stavro has prioritised bright colours and playful typography, designing an OffLimits logo that shows the second ‘f’ just out of reach – intended as a reminder of the cupboard of treats that most of us will remember being equally just out of reach when we were children. The typeface was created in partnership with Emma Williams.

Each flavour also has its own mascot, illustrated by Shepard Fairey’s Studio Number One. The Dash bunny, accompanied by pet snail, is all flying hair and power suit, while Zombie has a more laid-back undead ambassador, depicted with a skeleton sidekick dog.

Anyone feeling nostalgic about days of toys hidden in the cereal box, or puzzles on the side of packaging, will be pleased to know OffLimits has also created its own take on these traditions.

Boxes come with stress-relieving activity sheets for people to work through while they munch, and tickets collected from purchases can be exchanged for breakfast-themed merch, including mugs, clocks, and sleeping masks.;