How brand experiences can grow connections

Content designer Rosie Wanek, who recently worked on the Home of Carlsberg experience, talks about the value of brand experiences and the elements needed to make them successful, plus how they’ve shifted focus over the years

Brand experiences, when done well, can help audiences see what they can offer beyond just their products and therefore increase brand awareness and encourage loyalty. In a post-lockdown world, the desire for face-to-face meets and gatherings in physical spaces has increased and more and more brands are seeing the value in crafting experiences people can visit and come back to.

One recent example is the Home of Carlsberg, an experience and attraction in the heart of the beer brand’s original brewery in Copenhagen that reopened after a complete redesign at the end of 2023. The project was five years in the making and offers an exhibition space, a courtyard bar, stable visits with horses and ponies, and every type of Carlsberg ever made.

All images: Home of Carlsberg. Photoy: Daniel Rasmussen