Where has the fun gone in the brand studio world?

Joe Wright, co-founder and chief creative officer at Sibling Rivalry, shares why brand studios today need a little more bravery, humour, and fun

Humour and creativity go hand in hand: both are inherently about seeing something in an original way – turning the expected outcome on its head. As such, fun is one of the most unsung resources of studio life. In an era of rapid cultural change, studios must work harder to distinguish themselves, attract ambitious talent and clients, and effectively communicate their identity.

So why, when we’re so skilled at letting our clients’ brands shine, do we struggle to apply a sense of playfulness to our own studio brands? I understand the desire to let the work speak for itself: it’s likely the reason why countless agency websites look the same, with gallery style carousels of project work and little in the way of a unique identity design for the studio itself.

But there should be a balance: agency brands still need to communicate their personality. No matter how prestigious its client list is, creating just another ‘portfolio’ site can’t fully communicate what a studio is really all about.