How brands can navigate a hybrid future

As new and exciting opportunities emerge in the digital space, brands need to connect the various worlds we live in more than ever. The only way to do this is to think in human terms, not transactional ones

We now live in a hybrid world, a world in which – despite the gradual return to the office, the high street, and other physical interaction – much of life continues to be lived online. Though Covid-related, it’s a shift that is unlikely to reverse post-pandemic. So, as we ready for a future epitomised by the evolving metaverse, how should brands respond?

The answer lies in what designers need to create compelling, authentic, and meaningful work for brands – a human-centric mindset and approach. And in an increasingly hybrid world, this is more important than ever.

Consider today’s messy and disconnected landscape. It is a place in which each of us as individuals have not one but many personas. The Insta me is a different version of the LinkedIn me, for example, just as the me when I’m at home is a different version of the me at work.

At first glance, this presents quite a challenge for brands – designers, especially. But if they respond by keeping people at the heart of what they do as they design brands, marketing, and products, this also offers a significant opportunity.