Yorkshire Tea brand music videos

Why brands are hijacking the music video

As everyone from Google to Yorkshire Tea releases their own music videos, we explore whether it’s just another marketing fad or if the format could help more brands resonate in pop culture

The brand world has long sought to harness the power of music in order to connect with audiences. Once upon a time, the classic jingle was the best way to lodge a brand name in people’s brains, while more recently, schmaltzy cover tracks have become a defining feature of John Lewis’ hugely successful run of Christmas ads.

TikTok’s symbiotic relationship with music has only fuelled this interest, with brands including Elf Cosmetics and McDonald’s commissioning their own tracks specifically with the aim of going viral on the social media juggernaut. The latest iteration of the trend takes things one steps further, as brands swap traditional TV ads for full-blown music videos.

Yorkshire Tea recently made an unlikely bid for the song of the summer with Pack Yer Bags, written and produced by long-time agency partner Lucky Generals with Ninja Tune – the record label behind everyone from Bonobo to Peggy Gou. Directed by Fred Rowson, who has previously shot promos for the likes of Little Mix and Years & Years, the accompanying video has been viewed over two million times to date.