Breast Cancer Alphabet

The Breast Cancer Alphabet highlights 26 symptoms of the disease

Created for Breast Cancer Awareness month in the Netherlands, the campaign aims to highlight what to look out for and the importance of early diagnosis

The animated alphabet is a creative way to get across the message that breast cancer can appear with a multitude of symptoms, as well as the commonly known lumps. It was devised by ad agency TBWA\Neboko for the Breast Care Foundation, in partnership with the Alexander Monro Hospital, which specialises in breast cancer.

It specifically hopes to raise awareness among younger people, with 20-25% of those diagnosed with breast cancer in the Netherlands each year being under 50 years old.

“During our research, we discovered how few people are familiar with the symptoms of breast cancer,” say Hannah Sterke and Nina Mispelblom Beijer, creatives at TBWA\Neboko. “We all know the infamous lump, but there are so many more symptoms and factors to pay attention to. Enough to create an entire alphabet apparently. The Breast Cancer Alphabet gives both men and women in the Netherlands an accessible tool to educate themselves. We hope this will help to detect breast cancer at earlier stages.”

The campaign is being shown across the media and online as well as in 600 medical practices across the Netherlands and in poster form in universities and hospitals.

Agency: TBWA\Neboko, TBWA\X
Production: Make by TBWA\Neboko
Photographer: Maxime Cardol (represented by Czar Amsterdam)