Breast Cancer Now’s new ad wants to get us talking about our boobs

The charity has teamed up with filmmaker Anna Ginsburg on a powerful animated film that highlights women’s love-hate relationship with their breasts – and the importance of checking them regularly

Anna Ginsburg is no stranger to tackling body taboos in her striking animations. Her first self-initiated film, Private Parts, took the form of an animated documentary in which talking genitals discussed masturbation, sexuality and vaginas.

Breast Cancer Now enlisted the help of the filmmaker on new animation Love Hate Relationship, which explores the journey women go on with their breasts over the course of their lives and also encourages all women to regularly check their breasts for unusual changes.

Launched as part of breast health awareness campaign Check Them, the animation came off the back of a YouGov survey commissioned by the charity, which estimated that almost half of women in the UK don’t regular check for potential signs of breast cancer.

Featuring all shapes and sizes, the 2D animation conveys the different journeys and accompanying emotions women go on with their breasts: from embarrassment as they first develop, to attracting attention from others, to breastfeeding and attending mammogram appointments.

“Trying to capture the nuances and complexities of the love/hate relationship women have with their breasts in a minute of animation was a challenge,” says Ginsburg.

“It was important to make everyone feel included by showing a multitude of different types of breasts and using a vibrant colour palette to communicate diversity of skin tone. I hope it makes women feel less alone and inspires them to celebrate whatever breasts they have even for a moment.”

Breast Cancer Now also worked with communications agency Weber Shandwick on concepts for the awareness campaign and the animation, and to create an integrated approach across social media.

The charity’s main aim for the campaign is to encourage potentially life-saving dialogues among women of all ages about their relationship with their breasts.

“We strongly hope that, as part of our Check Them campaign, the animation opens up conversations that prompt women to make regular breast checking for any new or unusual changes a habit of a lifetime,” says Manveet Basra, head of public health and wellbeing at Breast Cancer Now.

Agency: Weber Shandwick
ECD: Steve Back
ACD: Janelle Feliciano
Production company: Strange Beast
Director: Anna Ginsburg Animation; Anna Ginsburg, Harriet Gillian, George Wheeler, Sheetal Thankey, Matt Lloyd
Animation assistants: Laura Jayne Hodkin, Natasha Pollack, Maria Morris, Eloise Garlick, Sorrel Milne