Breastfeeding at work: it’s complicated

After being turned down for a job due to needing short breaks to breastfeed her daughter, photographer Sophie Ebrard questions the creative industries’ commitment to true equality

Women in advertising are hot – and finally, it’s not in the eating cheeseburgers in bikinis kind of way. In recent years, the creative industries have shifted away from using women as pretty props to hold products to being idols and equals to emulate, respect and revere. Women finally have a strong, impactful voice in mainstream advertising. We play sports. We play drums. We’re told that This Girl Can and we’re encouraged to Show Them What Crazy Can Do.

We do all the things that men do now and, drumroll – we do it all while bleeding. It’s awesome. And it’s about damn time.

Yet despite this full embrace of empowerment in front of the camera, there seems to be a lack of commitment to this change behind it. How do I know that? I was fired from a job a few weeks ago for being a mother. Can you imagine what that felt like? This girl can.


Milton Keynes