Brent Cross Town brand identity

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With its identity for Brent Cross Town, dn&co’s task was to encourage the local community to play sport and enjoy a more active lifestyle, in order to help tackle poor physical health, mental health and community disconnection.

The new branding positions the area as ‘a park town for future London’. Previously known as Brent Cross South, it was renamed Brent Cross Town to reflect its scale, which has a workforce of 25,000, 6,700 homes, 50 acres of parks and three new public squares.

The studio then used ‘play’ as a unifying idea across every component of the branding. Play inspired the use of the swirling, circling, underlining language of annotations used in the design, as well as a bold colour palette and the choice of active photography. And, finally, play is the force behind the creation of the marque, which is perceived by dn&co to represent “an x that marks the spot on the treasure map of north London and a colliding crossroads where a community comes together to play”.

The brand launched with local communities first, via a manifesto delivered to more than a thousand homes locally, inviting all to follow and get in touch about what they’d like to see from the new town.

Illustration: Graham Roumieu
Photography: Sam Bush Photography; Tian Khee-Siong Photography
Stock Photography: Offset, Death to Stock,  Shutterstock, Stocksy