Brent Cross Town wayfinding

London design studio Fieldwork Facility created pedestrian wayfinding for Brent Cross Town, a new development that will provide 6,700 homes. It is a Winner in the Wayfinding category

Located in the north London borough of Barnet, Brent Cross Town is a new development billed as a ‘park town for future London’. When it’s completed, it will provide 6,700 homes and workplaces for 25,000 people, set in around 50 acres of green parks and playing fields.

London design studio Fieldwork Facility was brought in to create pedestrian wayfinding for Brent Cross Town locals and visitors that would bring a little bit of joy to the neighbourhood.

“Responding to the development’s pledge to create a park town, our ultimate goal was to do more than simply direct people. We aimed to put a playful smile on people’s faces and encourage them to walk with more spring in their step,” says the studio.

The Brent Cross Town development has also pledged to be net zero before 2030, so the signage scheme needed to reduce its footprint by utilising existing street furniture wherever possible.

The resulting series of bendy, bright yellow signs show cyclists and walkers how many minutes are left in their journey, appearing wrapped around lamp posts and growing out of curb-side grass.

Brent Cross Town
Winner: Wayfinding
Entrant: Fieldwork Facility
Client: Brent Cross Town, a partnership between Related Argent and Barnet Council
Design Studio: Fieldwork Facility
Creative Director: Robin Howie
Designers: Luca Bresolin, Robin Howie, Katy Needham