Brexit Black Friday Minimart by People’s Vote

This project has been selected in the Design – Installations & Exhibitions category in The Annual 2019, CR’s award scheme celebrating the best in commercial creativity

Charity People’s Vote believes the public should have a say in the UK’s Brexit deal. At several points through negotiations the charity has activated innovative campaigns to get the attention of the masses.

To coincide with Black Friday, the charity came up with the concept of an ‘inconvenience store’, a shop called Costuppers, playing on the name of cornershop chain Costcutters. The store sold rebranded products to highlight some of the potential problems that would arise if Britain were to leave on Prime Minister Teresa May’s terms – proposed in a Brexit Draft Withdrawal Agreement, published in mid-November 2018. At the store you could buy products like ‘Pumped up beef’, hormone-pumped meat from the US, which would be banned by EU food laws.

The store in Peckham, London, caught the media’s attention and was covered by the likes of the Evening Standard, BBC and Sky, which attracted customers. The objective was to get people to visit a letter-writing website, a personalised email tool that people could use to email MPs.

Director of Marketing: Sarah Baumann. Creative Consultant: Daniel Fisher. Creatives: Lloyd Daniel, Mark Nicholson. Production Designer: Olly Williams.