Brighton’s West Pier lit up by lasers

Two nights ago Brighton’s West Pier (what’s left of it) was lit up in the most spectacular fashion by a nifty rig of lasers…

Photo by Barney Livingston

Two nights ago on Wednesday February 10, Brighton’s West Pier (what’s left of it) was lit up in the most spectacular fashion by a nifty rig of lasers…

The laser installation entitled ‘A Pier Appears’ was the first in a series of events curated by Josef O’Connor and commissioned by Tiger Beer to celebrate Chinese New Year – yes, it’s the Year of the Tiger this year and the beer brand seems determined to take advantage of the situation.

This particular spectacle was for one night only and the piece was created by French lighting studio Creatmosphere – who used computer-controlled lasers for the project, which – by all accounts – stopped traffic and drew a crowd on the beach, despite a brief snowy blizzard which, as the next image attests, added nicely to the project: turns out snow falling through laser beams looks pretty amazing…

Here’s a short film we spotted on YouTube of the event (which features project curator Josef O’Connor):

To find out more about Tiger Beer’s Tiger Lucky 8 events which are happening around the UK over the next couple of weeks, visit

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