Still image from a Britannia Good Day advert showing a man wearing a yellow long-sleeved shirt and glasses sat behind a desk against a blue background. The lighting and texture of the picture makes it appear like old footage

Britannia Good Day’s ad nods to retro broadcasting

India’s leading cookie brand has launched the advert as part of a campaign activation, The Bank of Small Wins, which brings back the joy of discovering long lost money in your pockets

“Ever since you went cashless, so did your pockets,” proclaims the protagonist of a new advert by Britannia Good Day – India’s most popular cookie brand. Part of the recent Bank of Small Wins campaign, which is aimed at resurrecting the joys of finding forgotten money in your clothing, the advert features a news anchor giving a public service announcement detailing the brand’s latest activation.

He explains how more than 100,000 pockets across the country have been filled with newly created currency by Britannia Good Day, which can be exchanged for real money. The notes, designed to be reminiscent of the packaging for the brand’s iconic cookies, have values ranging from ten to 2,000 Indian rupees, with the news anchor hinting at the possibility of a single note worth 50,000 rupees hiding in a pocket somewhere out there.

Created in a retro style, the advert, which was directed by Shivang Monga through Trinity Films, nods to Indian broadcasting from the past, with the cookie-shaped idents for this fictional channel nodding to those used by the public service broadcaster Doordarshan in the 1980s. The result is an advert in keeping with the whimsicality of the activation, which has seen the cookie brand collaborate with clothing companies to bring it to fruition.

Britannia Good Day has joined forces with online fashion retailer Myntra, laundry chain U-Clean, and India’s biggest thrift store Bombay Closet Cleanse to ensure it has enough pockets to fill with its special money. As a result, the notes can now be found in “new pockets, freshly ironed pockets, and pre-loved pockets”.

Those lucky enough to chance upon one are able to redeem it for a digital cashback transfer worth the amount shown on the note. Britannia Good Day has also encouraged winners not to throw the note away afterwards, because some of them also contain bonus small wins, such as advice for social situations, celebrity autographs, and a phone number which can be called to receive three months worth of Britannia Good Day cookies.

The campaign has been created by Talented, the agency set up in 2022 by Gautam Reghunath and PG Aditiya, formerly CEO and CCO at Dentsu in India.