British Airways: Big Little Welcomes

Entrant: Uncommon Creative Studio; Category: Craft & Technical Innovation

British Airways Big Little Welcomes campaign

To celebrate the hundreds of thousands of people landing back into London for Christmas 2023, British Airways captured personal handwritten welcome messages from the friends and family members of loved ones to make their arrival hall reunions extra special.

Customers could handwrite their messages through a website, or use one of three responsive fonts, along with a suite of festive doodles created for the campaign. Once the messages had been submitted, the notes got triggered by live flight data, ensuring the letter was there when a loved one arrived home for Christmas.

The campaign was created with Uncommon and executed alongside Uncommon’s Experience Studio. The handwritten notes appeared in airport terminals (Heathrow, Gatwick and London City), as well as digital outdoor sites located along typical travel routes, out of airports and into surrounding towns, ensuring that loved ones received these special notes.

British Airways Big Little Welcomes campaign
British Airways Big Little Welcomes campaign

Agency: Uncommon Creative Studio
Director: Emily Macdonald
Editor: Maia Lloyd
Producer: Scarlett Barclay
DOP: Henry Lockyer
Post-Production: Uncommon Creative Studio
Grade: Ben Hutton
Licensed Music: Man on Wire,
Steven Gutheinz, licensed by Music Bed
Audio Post-Production: Tim Sutton