British Airways: Cityflyer campaign

Entrant: Uncommon Creative Studio; Category: Art Direction

British Airways Cityflyer campaign

Checking in at City Airport in London with British Airways takes only 20 minutes from security to boarding. To celebrate this seamless experience, Uncommon created an OOH series pairing striking ‘blown-away’ portraits with beautifully tweaked passport details that show the speed and ease of this fast check-in process.

The distorted passport photos were created by multi-award-winning portrait and fashion photographer Emily Stein using a leaf blower. Passport numbers were changed to the expression ‘Wheee’, and iconic passport illustrations were altered to show various figures impacted by the speed of movement. This included a family holding onto a lamppost in a gust of wind and a barrister’s wig being blown away.

British Airways Cityflyer campaign
British Airways Cityflyer campaign

Agency: Uncommon Creative Studio
Photographer: Emily Stein
Media Agency: MG OMD