British Rock Artists Invade America: A Journey

A clearly relieved Rhys Wooton of the British Rock Artist Group celebrates a screenprinting success at Firehouse Kustom Rock Art Company in San Francisco. As part of a hands-on trip to the spiritual home of the rock ‘n’ roll poster, Wootton and friends experienced the pleasure and pain of creating beautiful screenprinted work for the 40th anniversary of the Summer of Love. Only 299 more prints to go Rhys…
During the summer, four members of the British Rock Artist Group (BRAG) were invited by Chuck Sperry and Ron Donovan, the globally renowned American poster artists, to undertake a two week workshop at their studio, the Firehouse Kustom Rock Art Company. Rhys Wootton (shown above with poster), Jamie McGregor, Matt Douthwaite and Adrian Day jumped on a plane to San Francisco and, as Wootton reports, were to learn much about the traditions and history of a classic US artform: the screenprinted music poster.


Milton Keynes